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PM links SC verdict progress towards democracy

shujaat-durani-tariq-at-sc-decision-of-uniform.JPG ISLAMABAD: Commenting on Supreme Court decision in the dual office case, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has said that today Pakistan has crossed an important critical milestone in its march towards true democracy. In a statement issued, he said that the decision of the honourable Supreme Court on the constitutional petition on the holding of two offices by President General Pervez Musharraf would be welcomed by all those who believe in the supremacy of the constitution and the law and who want Pakistan to move ahead on the democratic course which began in October 2002.

This judgement would put to rest any ambiguity and questions that were being raised regarding the eligibility and qualification of President General Pervez Musharraf for contesting the election from the current Assemblies, he added. Shaukat Aziz said that it is for the first time in Pakistan’s political history that the elected national and provincial assemblies are completing their full term and a new electoral process has just begun. This is a huge achievement for a country where elected governments have never lived their elected life span, he asserted.

He said, “It is now our collective responsibility and that of all political parties, the civil society and indeed of every Pakistani to ensure that the forthcoming elections are held in harmony and in peace and transfer of power takes place in a fair and transparent manner.”Pakistan, he said, visualized by founding fathers as a democratic, progressive Islamic state, economically strong and politically stable and at peace with itself and with those outside. He called upon the nation to accept this landmark judgement with grace and dignity and move on with the electoral process in a mature and dignified manner that would do Pakistan proud.-SANA

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