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Wajihuddin enjoys support of MMA: Prof. Khurshid

ISLAMABAD: Senator Prof. Khurshid Ahmad has said that Muthidda Majlis-s-Amal (MMA) has extended its support to the nominee of the legal community for Presidentship Mr. Justice (Retd) Wajihuddin Ahmad. Senators Khurshaid who proposed Wajihuddin’s name for the top slot said here on Thursday that Wajeehuddin Ahmad is an eminent lawyer, a distinguished jurist and a highly respected judge with reputation of integrity and independence. His agreeing to become candidate on behalf of the legal community is an act of sacrifice and a service to the country, he added. The purpose of his nomination, according to the senator, is to continue the legal battle on the forum of the Election Commission, as the struggle is already in progress in the Supreme Court.

He said, “What we are aiming at is to demonstrate the ineligibility of Gen Musharraf’s candidature under the Constitution. No Army officer including the Chief of the Army Staff, can become a candidate or take active part in politics in any manner.” Justice (Retd) Wajeehuddin Ahmad’s candidature would enable him to challenge the illegtimacy of Gen Musharraf’s candidature, he added. He said the purpose of whole exercise is to expose the farce of present presidential election, adding that it is a tactic and not any change in the strategy. It should be clearly understood that it is part of our legal battle, and not any effort to pursue any road to presidency, he maintained.

Prof. Khurshid Ahmad emphasized that APDM is supporting this second phase of the lawyers movement without prejudice to their principled position that the present National and Provincial Assemblies are constitutionally, politically and morally incompetent to elect a new President for the next five years, a position Justice (Retd) Wajihuddin has consistently taken. These Assemblies have exhausted their mandate and are approaching their ‘sun-set’, he said. It is a maxim of political science and a fudamental principle of democracy that after a specified period of time only a fresh mandate can give a new lease of life to the political process, he added.

“Without fresh mandate the National Assembly and the Provincal Assemblies cannot legitimately elect a new President,” he asserted. Prof. Khurshid Ahmad said that he would like to re-affirm the APDM’s demand that Gen Musharraf shoud resign. He said that Chairman of the Senate should assume the office as an Acting President and arrange fresh elections under a national government under the Constitution.

These elections, he said, should be organised by an Election Commission that is independent and enjoys the confidence of all political parties in the Parliament. The present Election Commission, according to Prof. Khurshid Ahmad, has lost its credibility as it has openly played in the hands of the military ruler. “The sitting Election Commission cannot hold free, fair and impartial elections to Presidentship, National Assembly and Provicial Assemblies,” he said. The real issue before the country today is to get rid of an “illegitimate rule wherein the Chief of the Army Staff occupies the presidency and wants to extend his hybrid system for another five years,” he adedd.-SANA

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