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Durrani ‘s press conference

ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Mohammad Ali Durrani reacting to the decision of the All Parties Democratic Movement has said that after the announcement of the election commission regarding presidential election, APDM has accepted its decision to resign and dissolve the NWFP Assembly .

Talking to media, he said when the Election Commission has given the schedule of the Presidential election and this process was in progress, the decision of the APDM for resignation and dissolving the assembly, speaks of the fact that they have accepted their defeat and people would think several times to vote for them in the next elections. He said the Opposition has taken a way to escape from this election and is frustrated from its future. Durrani said that they were working with the government for the last five years and now they have adopted undemocratic attitude which is regrettable.-SANA

President’s re-election vital for democracy: Durrani

ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Mohammad Ali Durrani has said that the re-election of President Pervez Musharraf would play an important role to move forward towards good governance and the consistency and stability of democratic system.He was addressing a news conference along with Minister of State for Information Tariq Azim. Durrani said the completion of Presidential election would ensure the stability of democracy and would bring a better change through ballot.-SANA

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