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Dual office case hearing

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ISLAMABAD: The nine-member larger bench of the Sup[reme Court on Thrusday adjourned the hearing of constitutional petitions challenging General Pervez Musharraf’s dual offices for Friday. The bench, headed by Justice Bhagwandas, heard arguments of amicus curiae and the counsels. Abdul Hafeez Pirzada, an amicus curiae of the court, in his arguments before the court, said that President Musharraf enjoys exception from Article 63 of the constitution and Article 63 D has not been suspended. He argued that application of Article 25 on this case will be illogical.

Akram Shaikh, the counsel of petitioner Jamat Islami, during arguments of Abdul Hafeez Pirzada objected that Pirzada is an amicus curiae but arguing as a friend of the president. He requested to the court for a right to reply the arguments of Pirzada. As the court hearing started Thursday morning Justice Rana Bhagwandas directed Aitzaz Ahsan, an amicus curiae of the court, to complete his arguments by 11:00 am.

Justice Javed Iqbal remarked that restriction of time should not be placed on the arguments in the dual offices case, due to its importance. Justice Bhagwandas said: “We want to complete hearing of the case today.” Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan, in his arguments, said that the dual offices law was a breach of the constitution and the petitions are maintainable as it is a matter of fundamental rights. He further said that setting aside Article 63 of the constitution for presidential elections is an unconstitutional step.
The text of the oath of Army Chief is different from the oaths of other government employees, members of assemblies, speakers and the judges, he added.-SANA

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