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Shaukat for equal right of all state on civil nuclear energy

pm-energy-conference.JPGISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has urged the need for equal opportunities to all countries for the transfer of civil nuclear energy and expressed Pakistan’s determination to meet its energy requirements from all available resources including nuclear energy. He was inaugurating a two-day International Conference on Energy: Sources of Regional Cooperation and Competition in Islamabad, on Monday. It hasbeen organised by the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad in collaboration with Hanns Seidel Foundation, Munich.

He said installation of more nuclear reactors are underway in the country with the necessary requirement. He said the International Atomic Energy Agency is doing a fine job by monitoring nuclear energy technology in the world. The Prime Minister said every country has the right to develop and use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes under the appropriate safeguards. He said there is a need to be a level playing field for all countries to have access to nuclear technology without any discrimination.

He said in Pakistan the energy requirement is increasing from 8 to 12 per cent annually. However, Pakistan, he said is fulfilling its 75 per cent energy requirements from the domestic resources. Mr. Shaukat Aziz said we need to expand and diversify in the next 25 years our energy needs and Pakistan has hydel, gas, coal resources and is persuing nuclear energy to maximize utilization of indigenous resources. The Prime Minister said we have three future energy security with the growing population. These include water, food and energy security. He said we strongly belief in energy security.

He said Pakistan is on the cross road of Middle East and Central Asia and is an energy corridor for all. He said our energy policy reflects three points – increase the energy resources, stable and uninterrupted supply and ensuring environmental procedure. He said Pakistan will have Mega Oil Refinery project with the help of UAE in the coastal areas while LNG terminal is being built in Karachi. Mr. Shaukat Aziz said that Pakistan has recently signed an agreement with Iran to increase its electricity supply from the border areas which will be taken to the grid stations. Earlier the supply was till the border areas.

He said today Pakistan has the very latest gas distribution system. He said we are encouraging private sector to invest in the energy sector, while our energy policy is being constantly improved to make it more efficient. About extremism he said the world has to address its root causes with peaceful manner. He said the major countries of the world should set up factories and construct infra structure in Afghanistan and should provide more opportunities of jobs to them.

Answering questions from the scholars the Prime Minister said that negotiations are in progress for the India-Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline Project. He said we want to go with this project and there is progress. To another question he said we have completed Ghazi Barotha water reservoir and Mirani Dam and Subakzai dam is being inaugurated today in Balochistan. About Kalabagh Dam he said we are developing national consensus on this project as hydel power is cheap for us.

Earlier Chairman ISSI Inamul Haq in his welcome address threw light on the importance of energy for Pakistan. He said China Study Center has been established in the ISSI. Resident Representative of HSF Richard Asbeck said efforts are underway to create ties with more countries in the common interest areas to bring solution to the energy problems in future. Scholars from Iran, Bangladesh, Japan, Argentina, Germany, France, India, Indonesia, China, Singapor, USA, Sudan and Pakistan will present their papers on energy at the conference.-SANA

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