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Kashmiri women under severe stress

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SRINAGAR: A workshop on “Mental Health of Women in Kashmir” was organized in Women’s College MA Road has in which different speakers discussed various challenges faced by Kashmiri women and simultaneously revealed different remedies for different problems.Psychologists believe that mental health of women in Kashmir is a matter of concern for every sensitive soul. People must understand the real agony which most of the women are facing in Kashmir and should try to lessen their tension.

The workshop was organized by an NGO “Action Aid Internatonal-India” in collaboration with Women’s Studies center Women’s College MA Road. The idea of conducting this workshop was that people should come to know what basically the mental health of women in Kashmir is and what the Action Aid doing to bring this problem to fore. “We believe that teacher and students constitute a very important segment of the society and they can bring forward the problems of Kashmiri women and can also help in their counseling,” said Arjumand Hussain, Project Manager Action Aid.

During the workshop certain exercises were performed by the students the idea behind was that one should never make a judgment which is not based on full knowledge and understanding. This is one of the major causes of stress. “Young people are more vulnerable to impulsiveness which leads to tension,” disclosed Dr Madhosh, a psychologist. In various other exercises students talked about many mental problems like anger, aggression, depression, suicidal attempts, etc. the basic reasons for why women get trapped in these problems is sexual harassment, domestic violence, negligence by parents, examination pressures in students.

Moreover, women in Kashmir need psychological care and counseling support to fight this problem. “Action Aid has provided psycho social care to 1403 people in four districts in Kashmir at the community level and 332 people have been provided counseling support,” said Dr Hinna, Mental Health Officer Action Aid. “Women, specifically, have to face life as a challenge. They have to assume a submissive role in the society,” observed Dr Madhosh. Besides, experts believe that every human being is suffering from one or other kind of problem that is to be discovered and treated in time.-SANA

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