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610 Suicide Cases in IHK in two years

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SRINAGAR: At least 610 suicide cases were reported in occupied Kashmir during the past two years. The pro-Indian chief minister of occupied Kashmir said that that 315 suicide cases were reported in 2005 and 295 such cases were reported in 2006. According to doctors during past seven year (from July 2000 to July 2007), more than 14,000 cases of suicide attempts have been recorded in hospitals in the violence hit Kashmir.

Of late, the suicides have shown an upward trend and the psychiatrists and experts term it as a result of the 18 year old turmoil in the Valley. The continued violence in Kashmir and uncertain future is regarded as the main cause for the increase in the trend. A leading psychiatrist in Kashmir’s only psychiatric diseases hospital, Dr Arshad, said, “The mental diseases in Kashmir are on the rise. There has been a manifold increase in the suicidal cases because of depression and related psychological disorders.”

“Suicide is essentially a social problem. Suicides can be controlled when public in large numbers come forward and join hands with government and voluntary groups”, the pro-Indian chief minister of IHK said. He said that moral responsibility lies with parents, teachers and guardians, who influence the life of an individual much more than anybody else.-SANA

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