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US Congressmen laud Pakistan’s role in war on terror

NEW YORK: The US Congressmen have lauded Musharraf’s efforts and Pakistan’s contribution in the war against terrorism and said Musharraf is the kind of man we (America) need to work with. Other congressman said America should let Musharraf handle it the way he is doing and America should not try to impose its will.

In Sept 2001 President Musharraf committed with US President Bush to fight war against terror and in a short time arrested 600 Al Qaida suspects and handed them over to US Agencies, later 1500 Talibans were also arrested. Musharraf banned few of Pakistani based Kashmiri organizations froze their assets and Bank accounts. Several hundred civilians and Army officials were killed .There were two attacks on Musharraf and one on Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz. These were genuine results of the fight against terror shown by President Musharraf.

Congress man Joseph Pitz said Musharraf is trying to do what he can in a Politically sensitive area –Musharraf is addressing the issues in the war against terror. I do not think that United States should keep guessing and trying to impose its will said Pitz. He said Musharraf and his leaders, his team is expert America should let them handle it the way they are doing.

Congressman Dan Burton lauded Musharraf’s efforts he said Musharraf is dedicated eliminating the terrorists camps. I talked to President Musharraf talked with Foreign Minister Kasuri, Burton said I believe them I support them . Musharraf is the kind of man we (America) need to work with. I am convinced that they are dedicated to end terrorism. Pakistani journalist based in New York went to Washington Capital Hill and talked to the congressmen, now the same journalist is flying to Phoenix Arizona State on September 14 to talk to the presidential candidate Obama, to get his regret on the statement he made few weeks before saying to attack Pakistan if he was president of United States.-SANA

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