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Pakistan rejects Indian allegation regarding activities of its foreign missions

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has outrightly rejected the Indian allegations that the Pakistani diplomatic missions abroad were indulging in undesirable activities. When her attention was drawn to the reported remarks by the Indian Minister for External Affairs regarding the involvement of Pakistani missions abroad in anti-India propaganda and facilitating terrorists, the Foreign Office Spokesperson stated that these are baseless assertions and allegations.

“Pakistan missions abroad conduct themselves strictly in accordance with the established diplomatic norms. They respect the laws and norms that require diplomatic missions not to carry out propaganda against a third country,” she said. As regards the allegations of facilitating terrorists, she said: “Pakistan is itself a victim of terrorism.” “We are fighting terrorism and are cooperating with the international community in the efforts to eradicate this menace.” The spokesperson said that we have, on the other hand, evidence that the Indian missions are engaged in maligning Pakistan and some Indian missions in our neighbourhood have contacts with elements hostile to Pakistan’s interests.-SANA

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