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Judiciary to uphold constitution, law: Chief Justice

cj-qasoor.JPGISLAMABAD:Chief Justice of Pakistan has said that Judiciary has been acting for the supremacy of law and constitution and will continue to uphold. He said each and every case will be decided on its own merit. Chief Justice of Pakistan added that people of Pakistan expect judiciary to act for the supremacy of constitution and upholding the rule of law. He was addressing various delegations of Bar Association which met him in Supreme Court.

Delegations included members of Peshawar High Court Bar Association, Abottabad Bench and District Bar Associations of Qasur, Abbottabad, Mansehra and Haripur. During the meeting Chief Justice said Bar and Bench both are involved in the process of dispensation of justice and they should work together to provide services to the people. He said their job is to provide justice to the common man. Chief Justice added that Suo Motu is constitutional power available to the Supreme Court and is being exercised in the interest of poor segments of the society as well as other deserving cases.

He urged that courts should use their authority to the full, within the parameters provided by law, to provide relief to the common man. Chief Justice said civil society played an important role in the cause of the judiciary and now the judiciary should pay back by providing them better services. “Better services can be provided by quick disposal of cases” he quoted added that we have to double our efforts in this regard. The Chief Justice said,” Rights of common man should be preserved and they should be educated in this regard”.

He maintained that each and every case will be decided on its own merit and the supremacy of the constitution will be maintained added that our salvation is in strict adherence to the rule of law. He praised the services of the bar in the preservation of the constitution and supremacy of law. Registrar, Supreme Court Dr. Faqir Hussain said that our country saw a disciplined, organized and peaceful movement during the last few months for the supremacy of law and constitution. He said all sections of society including the bar, professionals, intellectuals, scholars and civil society participated in it. Judiciary also showed unity and integrity in its ranks.

He added that immediate objectives have been achieved, but the soul and spirit of the movement was the ultimate objective of establishing a society based on justice and expeditious resolution of disputes. He said people have great expectation from the bench and the bar hence the two should join hands and maintain the momentum of the struggle to meet the expectations of the people of Pakistan. He said that disposal of case is an issue which affects the common man and we need to look into it very seriously.

He said Supreme Court is taking action in this regard but High Courts and the lower courts should also need to be active in the matter. Earlier Presidents of the delegations also stressed upon the need for quick disposal of cases to provide relief to the common man. They asked Supreme Court to play its role in this matter. They offered their services to the judiciary in expediting trial proceedings and enabling the poor to achieve their rights and redresses of their grievances.-SANA

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