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Deal signed to promote agribusiness among farmers

ISLAMABAD: Agribusiness Development & Diversification Project and Livestock & Diary Development Board signed a performance Agreement here today. The agreement was signed by Arshad H. Hashmi, Project Director on behalf of MINFAL, and Dr.M.Afzal, Chief Executive, Livestock & Dairy Development Board (LDDB) on behalf of the company. The project is supporting entry of small farmers in the agribusiness sector. About 12,500 farmers will benefit from grant funding through the Agribusiness support Fund (a component of the Project) over the project life of five years. A number of institutions will develop dedicated agribusiness finance functions, which will benefit 10,000 agro-enterprises by improving access to finance, resulting in 100,000 person years of direct employment and 700,000 person years of indirect employment. Under the capacity building activity 25,000 farmers will receive on-farm technical training while over 5000 entrepreneurs will receive technical and managerial training.

The overall focus of the Project is on strengthening and supporting demand driven private sector service delivery mechanisms throughout the agribusiness value chain including: supply inputs, production and processing, and developing cool chain for domestic and export markets with specific focus on ‘Horticulture and Hortibusiness’ and ‘Livestock and Dairy business’.

Under the Performance signed between MINFAL and LDDB the company will coordinate national and provincial activities in livestock and dairy, promote investment in the sector, and promote livestock and dairy as the primary vehicle for poverty alleviation amongst small and landless farmers, especially women and will also lay emphasis on production and post production technologies in livestock and dairy, particularly in improving marketing and efficient processing technology and the use of livestock by-products that lead to better quality and traceability of livestock and associated products to satisfy international complaint standard.

The LDDB will collaborate in the comprehensive livestock and dairy study commissioned by MINFAL, by supporting the consultants(s) fielded by the Project. The study will clearly identify constraints, and suggest possible ways to improve the livestock and dairy sub-sectors, and determine possible agro enterprise intervention for future support. The findings and recommendations of the study will provide a basis for a livestock and dairy policy that would prepared by LDDB.

The MINFAL will take all necessary steps to ensure that LDDB operates as an autonomous private sector company, and will be responsible for channeling project funds to the LDDB and extending all possible support to LDDB in facilitating its activities as defined in this Performance Agreement and it will undertake a review of the performance of LDDB Vis-à-Vis its impact on the livestock and dairy sector. In case it is observed that LDDB has failed to achieve the desired results, MINFAL and / or the Project Steering Committee reserves the right to take appropriate actions to ensure that objectives are met by the LDDB management.

Agribusiness is a mega project sponsored by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, with the technical and financial assistance of Asian Development Bank. The executing agencies include Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock (MINFAL), Department of Agricultural & Livestock Products Marketing & Grading, State Bank of Pakistan, Provincial Agriculture, Livestock and marketing Departments, and the Agriculture and Livestock Departments of FATA, FANA and AJK. The Project has its headquarters in Islamabad and implementation offices in Punjab, Sindh, NWFP, Balochistan, Federally Administered Tribal & Northern Areas and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.-SANA

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