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Qazi prays SC for combined hearing of constitutional petitions against Musharraf

ISLAMABAD: President Mutahida Majlis Amal and Amir Jamaat Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed on Wednesday requested the Supreme Court to hold combined hearing of all the constitutional petitions against President General Pervez Musharraf. Talking to media persons after filing a constitutional petition before the Supreme Court challenging two offices of the President, Qazi said that no person under the constitution can hold two public offices simultaneously. It is unconstitutional, unethical and illegal on behalf of General Musharraf to hold two offices at the same time, he stated.

Qazi Hussain Ahmed said that constitution as well as law does not allow military to indulge in politics. The law about president’s uniform is discriminatory which had come into force just for one particular person, he added. He said that country would get rid of the unconstitutional government of General Musharraf soon as its days are numbered. Judiciary, he said, has become independent and there would be no laws of necessity. Earlier, in an interview with this agency here at his residence, Qazi Hussain Ahmed asked Musharraf to take pity on the nation and resign as his policies were destabilizing the country. “Musharraf has no other option but to resign. This is the only solution to the current political instability,” he stated.

He said that a meeting of MMA leadership has been called in Islamabad on September 3 to discuss issues related to presidential election and future policies. He asked for the formation of caretaker government of national consensus with Chairman Senate as President. He said that it is the last year for Musharraf as president and he has to go. Musharraf, according to Qazi, is surrounded by problems and he has only one option to resign from the presidentship and form a caretaker government. Replying to a question, Qazi said that the present military government was itself a continuity and chain of martial law rule. “Military government can not solve the current political and constitutional problems. Neither can it bring out the country form crisis,” he said.

According to the constitution when president resigns, Chairman Senate will become president who will then form an interim a government of national consensus. He also warned PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto to stay back from striking a deal with government. It will be a political suicide for Benazir if she makes any deal with Musharraf, he said. He hoped that ‘no political party including PPP would make any mistake to strike a deal with the government’. To a query, JI Chief said that the ruling PML (Q) exists because of Musharraf. The party would shatter and would cut to pieces with the departure of Musharraf, he said.

Replying a question, he said that PML (N) leader should choose Lahore airport when coming back to the country as Nawaz Sharif has a strong hold in the Punjab capital.Commenting on the next general elections, he said that MMA could do seats adjustment with other political parties in All Parties Democratic Movement (APDM). He ruled out any differences within MMA leadership. The Alliance, he said, united and there is no rift in MMA ranks. MMA leaders have only one policy that they would not negotiate with the present government. Nor would they strike any deal with the government. Qazi said that some elements were bending upon to create rifts in MMA and break the alliance but they would not be succeeded. MMA is united and would be united in the next general elections, he added.-SANA

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