Suggestion to make Durand line permanent border

PESHAWAR: Chairman Pashtun Democratic Council Zar Ali Khan Musazai condemned the religious political leaders and some intellectuals who demanded of Afghanistan government to accept Durand line as a permanent international border. He said that Pashtun had never accepted the Durand line as a border and will never do the same in future. Pashtun living on both sides of Durand line are united and are the same nation. They are proud to be called as Afghans, he asserted.

He said that Durand line is the sign of imperialism and pashtun will struggle till the end to get united against imperialism. Musazai said that 21st century is the centaury of unity and the world had noticed that East and West Germany got united. North and South Koreans are engaged in dialogues and that day is not far that they would be called one united Korea. He said that Durand line is not an issue of a particular government. It is the issue of more than five million Pashtun living on both sides of the Durand line. He said that he optimistic that pashtuns would unite as a nation and would live with harmony.-SANA

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