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Benazir to meet Musharraf again

LONDON: Chairperson Pakistan People Party Benazir Bhutto has said that she would contact President Pervaiz Musharraf once again at the end of August and the President would have to fulfill his pledge for the formation of mutual trust. She was giving interview to a US newspaper after her 21-day visit to America. Benazir Bhutto admitted that some of her party leaders wanted her to stay back from Musharraf as her popularity is plunging day by day. “I am trying to convince my party leaders that international community and Armed forces had full trust upon the President Musharraf,” she stated.

She said she had made it clear to Musharraf that she can not work with the Army Chief and that the president should not have the power to dissolve the assemblies.Benazir said that the law should be abolished that stop a person to become prime minister for the third time. She also asked for the closure of the cases in which there is no evidences against her. She said that President himself agree with her point of view regarding allegations and ban. It is pertinent to mention here that both President Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto had met earlier in July but officially denied it. However politicians of the ruling party and others key figures had disclosed that both the leaders had hold talks abroad.-SANA

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